ICOM Estonia

ICOM Estonia was founded in 1992 and brings to ICOM more than 160 individual members and 7 institutional members in Estonia.

ICOM Estonia encourages its members to participate in international committee meetings by granting subsidies for travel grants. In addition, communication with the public on the subject of museums is listed as important.

At the moment, ICOM Estonia’s activities are related to the promotion of museological knowledge through seminars and conferences, the organisation of Museum Nights and Museum Days, and the translations of museological texts into Estonian. ICOM Estonia cooperates with the Estonian Museum Association and other organisations with related interests.


Board members and contacts:

Kersti Koll, president
Adamson-Eric Museum/Art Museum of Estonia
Lühike jalg 3, 10130 Tallinn, Estonia
Phone : +372 5813 6012, kerstikoll [at] hotmail.com

Daimar Lell, vice president
daimar.lell [at] spordimuuseum.ee

Agnes Aljas, Secretary; Key concepts of museology translation
Estonian National Museum, agnes.aljas [at] erm.ee

Laura Kipper, Museum Day seminar
Estonian History Museum, laura.kipper [at] ajaloomuuseum.ee

Tiina Vint, Museum Day seminar
University of Tartu, tiina.vint [at] ut.ee

Kaie Jeeser, CIDOC-conference
Tartu City Museum, kaie.jeeser [at] katarina.ee

Kai Lobjakas
Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, kai[at]etdm.ee